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Extended Groundwork Company Keywords

All Drains, sinks, toilets, baths and urinals
Backfill all drainage trenches
Backfill trenches outside the building
Blocked Drains Manchester
Brush grout floor or:
Build all manholes
CCTV / Jetting
CCTV drain surveys
Clean and bottom out trenches
Connect foul drainage to foul sewer/the boundary for road connection by others/install septic tank/cesspool/mini sewage treatment plant. Install and lay any weeper drainage or outlets
Construct soakaways and connect surface water drains
Contract maintenance services
Create entry into and clear site
Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning Manchester
Drain Cleaning, Testing and Clearance
Drain Excavation and Installation
Drain layout mapping
Drain repair
Drain Repairs / Reline
Drain Surveys
Drain Testing
Drainage Solutions
Excavate all service trenches and backfill when supplies are laid
Excavate foundation trenches to indicated or required depth
Excavate trenches for foul and surfacewater drainage
Fill and consolidate hardcore to oversite
Fill cavities with lean-mix concrete
Grease traps
Groundwork Company
Groundwork For Drainage Solutions
Groundwork For Foundations
Groundwork For Infrastructure, Roads & Car Parks
Groundworking Specialist
Gutters and Gulleys
Haunch over all below-ground drainage in pea shingle
High Pressure Jetting
High pressure water jetting
Lay damp-proof membrane
Lay drainage runs on pea shingle bringing upstands to positions though oversite
Lay driveways, pathways and patios to agreed specification
Lay foundation blockwork to dpc level putting in cranked ventilators, necessary drainage exit lintels and/or sleeving for services (sometimes done by bricklayers)
Lay further damp-proof membrane
Lay hard base for access, deliveries and site storage
Lay infill blocks in place
Lay oversite concrete
Level out subsoil in oversite
Load spoil into dumpers for on-site storage/load spoil into tipper lorries for disposal off site
Manhole Repair
Mark out centre line of the dig
Oil seperators
Pipe cleaning/degreasing
Pipe Laying
Pipes Cleared
Position below-slab insulation
Position floor beams on dpc
Position level pegs to indicate top of concrete
Pour and lay footings concrete
Pre purchase survey
Pre-construction Survey
Pre-purchase Survey
Pumping Systems
Root cutting
Root Removal
Sand blind hardcore
Set out house to suitably positioned profiles (this may be carried out by a surveyor/architect)
Sewer / Gullies
Showers / Baths
Sinks / Toilets
Sonde mapping
Storm drains
Strip topsoil and store for reuse